We pledge to be responders of Character. 

To honor our profession through service to those that need us.

To act with integrity and treat everyone with respect, in a spirit of teamwork to achieve our goal!



The SMART Fire Academy is a sister company to the

Southern Manitoba Academy for Response Training.

Our programs exist to provide opportunities for those wanting to become firefighters a way to do so part time and at their own pace.

Firefighter Program

NFPA 1001 - Firefighter 1 and 2

NFPA 472 - Hazmat Awareness, and Hazmat Operations

Upcoming Courses


NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I&II

March 7, 2015

NFPA 1002: Pump Operations:

January 2015

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NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I&II

March 7, 2015


NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I&II

April 2015

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NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I&II

May 2015

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Thank you to those Fire Departments that assist us for your time and effort as our students worked together with you to train on live apparatus.  The true Canadian weather also makes this training as challenging as it can get.





Fire fighting is a rewarding and exciting career.   If you are interested in pursuing a career as a fire fighter we can provide you with the knowledge and skills to obtain the necessary certification required.  


The SMART Fire Academy, Firefighter Level I & II Program utilizes a three track approach which gives students the flexibility and expert instruction they are looking for.  

International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) seals can be obtained upon successful completion.


NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I & II and

NFPA 472: Hazmat Awareness / Operations Program Information.

Three tracks of training ensure that the best of each type of Firefighter Training possible are combined into the learning experience.

  1. The online didactic theory components can be completed by the student on their schedule and learning pace. This is not a typical online program.   It includes lectures, assignments, and videos to complete all required didactic objectives.
  2. In addition to the online theory components, the SMART Fire Academy Program features specialized professional sessions scheduled every week. These sessions are facilitated by members from local Fire Departments.  All students in each classroom session will have a full set of turn out gear and complete operational SCBA apparatus.
  3. At the completion of the theory components, a two week skills camp off site is attended to complete the practical components of the training program. This "boot camp" is truly an all inclusive, full time, fire fighting experience.   Students will stay at the fire hall 24 hours/day, eat together, train together just like at the actual fire hall they will someday work at.   Staying at a hotel or house for night and training during the day is not quite a "full time" training experience.  We feel that giving the student the best training experience, like this true simulation setting, gives the students the best course possible.  All materials, accommodations, meals, and training are included in the "boot camp".
Our American training partner has one of the highest exam result percentages in North America.  The program is fully accredited  through the Texas Fire Commission for eligibility to receive internationally recognized certificates.  These obtained certifications can be used to gain firefighter employment by the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, Calgary Fire Department, BC Fire Departments as well as many other cities throughout Canada and the United States.

Course Fees:

The course fee of $6800.00  includes:

  • NFPA 1001 - Fire Fighter Level 1
  • NFPA 1001 - Fire Fighter Level 2
  • NFPA 472 - Hazmat Awareness
  • NFPA 472 - Hazmat Operations
  • Online Theory Components
  • Classroom Sessions
  • Skills Camp (including materials, accommodations, meals, and training)

Additional Fees

  • Transportation to skills camp in Dallas, TX (Varies depending on mode of transport.  Some students choose to travel together to lower costs)
  • Medical Release Form completion by Physician prior to skills camp.
  • IFSAC Seal Application / Transfer / Reciprociy fees.

Please contact us at info@smartfire.ca for more information or to request a Free Information Package.


SKILLS CAMP is a tremendous opportunity to train at a replicated fire station.  This includes training, sleeping, eating, learning and laughing together.  It is truly an Awesome Opportunity, and the reason it is done at that location. Check it out below!

















Meet our Team!

Our staff and instructors are second to none and have a genuine passion for seeing our students succeed.  Our firefighter instructors are current and former firefighters from the Winnipeg Fire Department.

Mr. Brad Loewen: President of the SMART Fire Academy
Cell: (204) 292-6766


Ms. Kasey Ainsley: Administration Officer

Firefighter Program Instructors:
Capt. Bob Poole               Ian Campbell                Kelly Horobetz

Shayne Cormier      Bill Harrow


Ms. Laureen Forbes: Professional Development Instructor

Mr. Jason McDougall: ACP - WFPS & STARS, EMR Instructor


Ms. Melissa Lopushansky: PCP - WFPS, EMR Instructor



Class1Each and every student of our EMS and Firefighter programs are a key part of the team.  Although joining the team starts at registration, there is no end.  Students often go on to Fire and EMS positions throughout the country, but always appreciate the training they have received from our academy and appreciate the honest investment that our instructors have in students outcomes.  It is our job to know where students want to end up and help them in every way we can to get there.  Our dream is to see you achieve yours.

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